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Here we have the first part of the an Insiderscoop like synopsis for Episode 4.01 - The Beginning of the End. This is from my Season 2 Source who has up until now remained Anonymous. He's called "Post Produxtion" and we will be seeing more of his posts during Season 4 and will probably replace Insiderscoop as I've not heard from him since Season 3 finale. "Post Produxtion" will likely to be giving us full synopsis of the upcoming episodes well in advance of the episodes airing.

I highly recommend that you do NOT view this information but if you do please can I ask that you respect the following:

1) Do not post this information on other sites without proper warning/spoiler tags.
2) Do not take this embedded flash video and place it on your own site, please link back here so people have a final chance to turn away.
3) Please do not post the details of the this in any of the comments on other posts in this site. If you do the comments will be deleted and you might be banned.


Please feel free to discuss these in the comments below but nowhere else on the site. Thanks for your understanding. And for those that love these sorts of spoilers, enjoy.

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