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I found an article about Lost on the following website:


If you look at the top left of the website, you can spot pictures of every cast member. When you click on the pictures, another window will open and you'll get some spoilery quotes by the actors. I typed them all up and saved them as a word-document and I'm gonna send it to you as an attachment. You can then check the quotes for their accuracy.

This man is an island: Ben is a man without resources, without an army, without henchmen. He's going to be forced to live purely by his wits now, and we'll see if he thrives under those circumstances," says Emerson, who has been in New York since production stopped in November. "Whether he has a working relationship with (Others member) Juliet is anybody's guess at this point," he says. Emerson says the eigtht episodes pick up the "dark and violent" momentum of the latter part of season 3 and that life isn't pretty for anyone on the island. "Nobody has a home anymore. Everyone is marching around the island like refugees." The suspicious Ben isn't counting on help from the freighter folks. "They are formidable adversaries. They are instantly gripping and frightening and mysterious," he says.

Sun-ny outlook? All women who have become pregnant on the island have died, so Sun's health and survival will be an issue and will put her in greater contact with fertility doctor Juliet. "Sun's and Juliet's relationship is building, but Sun has trust issues with Juliet," Kim says. Kim has seen some cast members, including Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim and their wives since the strike started.

Baby watch: Mitchell says many of her favourite upcoming scenes are with Kim's pregnant Sun, as Juliet does all in her power to help mother and child survive. "You wouldn't want to get pregnant on that island," says Mitchell, who has been home in Seattle with her husband and son since filming ended. Juliet's apparently shifting loyalties intrigue her. "It makes us a little uneasy. It keeps the suspence moving trying to figure out what happens next.

Terry's take:"They're facing off over whether the people coming are here to help us or, as Locke believes, to harm us," says O'Quinn, who won an Emmy in September. O'Quinn, who has been staying at his Maryland home during the writer's strike, says Locke has much to lose if he leaves the island. "He's afraid that he'll revert to what he was before he got to the island a totally ineffectual non-person," O'Quinn says. "He feels empowered here. He comes to feel he's a guardian of the place." Other characters, such as Rose, whose cancer is cured on the island, also don't want to leave, O'Quinn says. He adds that fugitive Kate has reason to stay, though last year's flash-forward had her in the USA.

Sawyer's charm: Elizabeth Mitchell, a Lost fan before joining the cast last season, praises Holloway for his complex portrayal of a man who doesn't want others to see his more humane side. "I think he's really doing a fantastic job," Mitchell says. The character's oft-hidden emotion comes through "the way he looks at Kate. He really does seem to love her."

Mother's intuition: The decision to contact the freighter has the castaways "divided into 2 groups, one thinkting the people from the freighter are going to be helping us and one thinking they are not," de Ravin says. "There's a lot more conflict, I suppose, than there has been between the original cast." Of her alter ego, she says, "Claire's going to get quite strong."

Expectant episodes: The question "is whether Sun is going to survive during the pregnancy," says Yunjin Kim, who plays Sun. "The pregnancy will be a huge story line for us."

Future predictions? With the flash-forwards, which will be used in some episodes, viewers will pick up much more information, says Cusick, who will have a Desmond-centric episode. "We're going to find out quite a lot in the first episode, including something very important, which unfortunately I can't tell you because it would ruin it." Viwers will also learn that the freighter inhabitants are "unlike any other characters on the island. You're going to love them or hate them." Penny, who has been searching for the island, will be back this season. "The whole love story with Desmond and Penny has to be resolved," he says.

Sayid's say: Andrews says this season viewers will "see Sayid in a completely different light." He says it was sad returning without Dominic Monaghan, whose character Charlie died in the third-season finale. "I felt that way about Maggie way back," he says of the actress whose character Shannon was previously killed off. "You grow to have friendships with people over a period of time. It always seems brutal and harsh when a character is let go. I'm sure the writers have good and genuine reasons, but on a personal level it's always very hard."

Hurley's loss: "Hurley has to deal with Charlie's death," Garcia says. "When we left it last season, Hurley still doesn't know Charlie went on this suicide mission to get everybody off the island. They've had one of the strongest relationships on the island and that becomes an impetus for Hurley, at least in the first few episodes," Garcia says. With an end in sight, "there is a sense this season is ramping towards things. There's the level of excitement of season 1. We're tearing open scripts to find out what happens next, who's affected by what," he says.

Kate's fate: Kate, who will have an episode that focuses on her, has a complex social life, with feelings for both Jack and Sawyer. She and Juliet, who kissed Jack in the season 3 finale, both interact with him this season, Mitchell says. "Jack and Kate's relationship is very loving and it was one I was rooting for before joining Lost," she says.

Source: USA Today

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