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If the finale of season three of "Lost" seemed bleak for Michael Emerson's character, Ben Linus, who was left tied to a tree by the survivors of the wreckage of Flight 815 as they phoned an off-shore freighter for rescue, the actor said that season four will be worse.

How does Emerson define worse? More violence and fewer allies for his character, as the mysterious "freighter people" land on the island, a group that Ben, in season three, warned the survivors "will kill everyone on the island."

"I'd say season four will be far rougher than anything (Ben) has seen," Emerson said in a phone interview about the ABC-TV hit series about survivors of a plane crash and the mysterious supernatural island they are stuck on.

Emerson, as Linus, the apparent leader of the mysterious Others, ended last season on the brink of losing control of that group, after a failed raid on the survivors' beach results in an ambush, which left the raiding party dead. Flight 815 survivor John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) challenges Ben's authority by demanding an audience with Ben's boss, the even more mysterious Jacob.

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