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Thanks to Regg for the following, which contains some good stuff including the following.

-Episode 5 deals with elements of time travel.
-In episode 5, Lapidus will explain why the satellite phone can't contact in the outside world.
-By the end of the season, we'll know who was in the coffin as well as what's happened to Jack to make him want to go back.
-No answers coming on Jacob and the cabin this season, although we may see it again.
-More details on The Purge, Adam & Eve and another station are coming, but not this season.
-Ben's List for Sayid is linked to who place the wreckage of Flight 815.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse tell Doc Jensen what they'll answer this season, how they're handling the time/space plot, what's relevant (or irrelevant) to the story, and more.

Last week, I had the chance to sit down with the producers for a wide-ranging conversation about the new season. Check out the new issue of EW for their thoughts on getting back to work after the strike, the return of Richard Alpert, and why you won't be getting answers to Charlotte's Tunisian polar bear this year. But in this space, you will the hear producers speak out on a variety of issues: the structure of the season; the big mysteries that will — and won't — get resolved; the relevance of extracurricular stuff like the recent ''Find 815'' alternate reality game; and the proper way to ''read'' the show's flash-forward stories. But perhaps most provocatively, the producers offer their rules for time travel and alternate realities — rules that many of you currently engaged in wild theory-making about the interpretation of time/space on Lost will find interesting, even challenging.

Source: EW

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