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Little hint from Matthew Fox about how much time has passed on the Island and Future Jack. I've bolded the key parts.

Actor Matthew Fox, who plays Jack in 'Lost', has been talking about what lies ahead in the series.

Following the resolution of the writers' strike in the US, Fox said that he would be going back to shoot more episodes for the fourth series of 'Lost' this spring.

"We probably won't get all of the eight [episodes] we owe," said Fox, "but I'm sure we'll get five or six of them."

Fox remained coy on the development of his character, Jack, and whether he would become a hero or villain in the series.

He said: "I think the idea of hero or good guy, bad guy is sort of an antiquated notion in a lot of respects. I think it's more interesting to accept the complexity of all of us and hope that he makes heroic choices in very difficult circumstances."

He continued: "I really feel like 'Lost' and what I'm getting to do on that show is pretty complex, and it's evolving as well. (Jack) sort of started as this idea. Everybody wanted him to be this heroic guy, and actually, he's really flawed and the island is stripping away this deep compassion in him and bringing out a much darker side, so there's an evolution that's happening in the character that's always been important to Damon [Lindelof, 'Lost' creator] and myself."

Of the fourth series, Fox said: "I think the fourth season will close those two moments of time of Jack in the future and Jack feeling like he's being rescued. The season will be about answering all those questions of who got off with him? Who's in the casket? Why does he want to go back, this guy of all people? Why is he suicidal and desperate to go back?"

In his interview with comingsoon.net, Fox did offer a hint about the timeframe of the series, when asked how much time had passed on the island since the aeroplane crash.

He said: "If you're going to talk about from Jack in the plane crash to Jack in the future, that's about a year-and-a-half, and Jack on the island now would be about 120 days."

Source: RTE Entertainment

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