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Thanks to Matt for finding this article. Not much new that we've not already seen from the Trailers and Sneak Peeks.

If you've recovered sufficiently from the shock baby-related revelations in the fourth episode of the new series, here's a few hints about what lies ahead in the next installment of Lost.

At the end of the third episode we witnessed Sayid, Desmond and Naomi's corpse join Frank in a helicopter supposedly heading back to the boat. However, when Jack contacted the boat a day later he was told they hadn't arrived. Well, here come your answers as the next episode will show that the helicopter hit some turbulence - with Desmond being particularly affected.

Expect the episode to deal with time travel, mainly through Desmond's visions, and Frank to explain a major problem to do with the satellite phone.

Desmond does make it onto a boat, but is locked inside a room by a guy called Omar and discovers he is not alone. He also roughs up Daniel - but not in the present day.

Meanwhile, on the island, Daniel tells Jack something against Charlotte's wishes.

Source: Digital Spy

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