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Thanks to Neil and Lyly for the heads up.

Not sure why Ausiello is playing these "games" as we already reported back in early December who the official Oceanic 6 were. Maybe someone should tell Ausiello about our blog here :)

Question: Please settle a heated office dispute regarding Lost: Aaron is or is not one of the Oceanic Six?— Dane
Ausiello: Aaron is *** *** of the Oceanic Six.

Question: Happy birthday! I hope you'll celebrate by giving us some scoop on anything besides Lost. — Lauren
Ausiello: One hot piece of Lost scoop comin' your way, Lauren: Sources confirm what was first reported by my frenemy on Monday: ABC has opted to end the current, pre-strike arc with Episode 8, not 7 as was the original plan. So, just to recap, this is what Lost's revised sked looks like.
Episode 5: Feb. 28
Episode 6: March 6
Episode 7: March 13
Episode 8: March 20
Episode 9: April 24
Episode 10: May 1
Episode 11: May 8
Episode 12: May 15
Episode 13: May 22 (season finale)

Source: TV Guide

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