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Question: Pre-strike, Cynthia Watros was slated to return to Lost as Libby in the second half of the season. Now that we're probably only getting five of this season's back eight, is there any word on whether she still figures into the plans?— Brian
Ausiello: Libby actually pops up in the final pre-strike episode (now airing in late April), and the original plan was for her to return for at least one or two more this season. Whether or not that's still happening is an open question. I imagine that's one of many issues Team Darlton is hammering out as we speak.

Question: More Lost scoopage, please! — Barb
Ausiello: You've probably seen this clip from tomorrow's episode of Chef Locke delivering two eggs over easy to Ben in solitary. Well, wait until you see the breakfast he whipped up for his other prisoner. Hint: It's bursting with flavor and, if digested properly, quite the appetite suppressant.

Question: Do we know anything about Andrea Roth's character on Lost — aside from her being a shrink? — Toby
Ausiello: I don't know if we know anything, but I know that she plays somebody from Juliet's past in the March 6 episode.

Question: What can you tell us about the character dying on Lost? Have they been on the show since the beginning?— Bonasi
Ausiello: Yes, this person is an original 815er. And as far as major Lost deaths go, this one veers from tradition in one significant way.

Question: How 'bout some Lost scoop! And where can us Ausholes send your birthday gifts? — Angelique
Ausiello: Click here for what would seem to be a major spoiler about Ken Leung's Miles.

Source: TV Guide

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