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Thanks to fedrich519 for the summary.

*Shocking twist for the finale will not be the final scene, but close to the end of the episode.
*Oceanic Six are Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and Aaron.
*Tom (Mr. Friendly) is indeed gay.
*Desmond/Minkowski "side effects" may indeed be the "Sickness" that Rouseau refers to... (they hint at it very strongly)
*The Swan Hatch implosion will probably not be revisited. However, we have not seen the last of the "purple sky" this season.
*They explain the appearance of certain paranormal events and what they are....
Ben's mother=apparition
Sawyer's Boar=animal
Hurley bird=no comment
Kate's horse=undead
Mikail' Cat Nadia=animal
Walt=some have been apparition, some have been monster
Boone in Locke's dream=dream
*Lepidus name in Expose script that Hurley read is just a name one of the writers in fond of.
*Is Aaron in danger since he is being "Raised by Another"? The psychic told Claire that she must raise the baby herself. They leave it up to the viewers if you believe if the psychic is real or not.
*Significance of name Kevin Johnson.....the Others chose the most innocuous and bland name they could so as not to raise suspicion and raise attention to Michael's alias.
*Will learn much more about four-toed statue and Black Rock.
*Secret code name for the finale twist "The Frozen Donkey Wheel"

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