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Thanks to Lyly for the following.

Memory of the Day: Remember when I said we'd see a little less of Matthew Fox this season? Just checking.

Claire Is in Trouble. Not only do we know that baby Aaron makes it off the island and she does not, but the promos clearly spell out trouble for the fair-haired mamacita. "The War" as Ben calls it, seems to have begun. (Then again, if Ben the pathological liar calls it a war it's probably more of a bake-off.)

Lost Is Taking a Mini Break. When it returns April 24, we get an episode written by Buffy alum Drew Goddard who teased at tonight's Buffy Paley event that the episode is "maybe my favorite thing I've done on Lost and I've been lucky with all the episodes I've gotten so far." Sounds promising, right?

I'm Heading to the Lost Set Next Week! If you have questions for the Losties, please take a moment to email them to me at tvdiva@eonline.com. I won't be chatting with everyone, but will be tracking down whomever I can, and you know I aim to serve! So send those Q's in, por favor.
Check back a little later tomorrow for an exclusive Q&A with Karl himself, Blake Bashoff, who'll be reaching out from the other side, God rest his soul.

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