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Update: 4th March There is an error in the article below in that they say Goodwin and Juliet were married. They were not.

Thanks to aca335 for the following.

In honour of this turnaround, today's Tube Talk is a Lost special, but if you're not a fan of spoilers then you should flee now.

The Next Episode
Firstly, the next episode, which is Juliet-centric. It's a flashback, set entirely on the island, that reveals she was actually married to Goodwin (last seen being killed by Ana-Lucia in season two) but isn't so heartbroken as to resist the charms (?) of Jack.

There's also a field trip to new station The Orchid, which is home to "highly volatile and potentially dangerous" research.

A Major Death
One final warning: if you want to avoid spoilers about what is a pretty major plot twist, then look away now.

In two weeks' time we learn that the final two members of "Oceanic Six" are Jin and Sun. One of the Oceanic Six will also DIE in a flashforward, and I have it on very good authority that the person being killed off is actually one of this pair, but I won't go so far as to say which. Of course, because they're being killed off in the future, they will still be part of the show in the present, any flashbacks to the past and any flashforwards before the point they are killed off. Why couldn't poor Charlie have "died" this way?

The return of Michael (and maybe Walt)
... will come in episode eight - the final before a five-week hiatus - called 'Meet Kevin Johnson'. The episode tracks what happened to Michael (is he now known as Kevin Johnson, perhaps?) since he left the island with his son. According to various reports, there are scenes set in New York where Michael meets up with.. wait for it... Mr. Friendly. Yes, the same Mr. Friendly shot dead by Sawyer at the end of season three.

The Future
Speaking to the New York Post this week, Lost guru Damon Lindelof outlined this roadmap for the final three seasons: "Season 4 is about who gets off the island and the fact that they need to get back. Season 5 is about why they need to get back, and season 6 is about what happens when they get back."

Source: Digital Spy

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