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Jenny in Adelaide, Australia: Lost! Gimme!
Huh? Whosey whatsy show? Oh, that one with the people on the weird island? I guess I can talk about it. Episode nine is gonna feature some richy-rich types who live in a doorman building—the show is now casting for a French-speaking African desk clerk and a "distinguished" doorman. Methinks we're going back to Tunisia...Holler! (Can't stop saying that since Rebecca Mader's hilarious delivery. Why can't I be from Cambridge?)

Thomas in Columbus, Ohio: As a fellow Lost enthusiast, I wanted to send you my theory about the connection between Oceanic Six and the sky turning purple. What do you think? Am I crazy? Wait, don't answer that...
I think it's kind of brilliant. Spoilerphobes, don't click in until later this season, as there are spoilers herein about the identities of the remaining two of the Oceanic Six.

Source: E!Online

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