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Jorge Garcia answered a few fan questions over at The Fuselage yesterday.

Nothing really new and no major spoilers, but he did confirm that we will "definitely" see Smokey this season and that they are currently filming episodes 4x09 and 4x10.

Thanks to Lyly for the details:

Hi dude!
I'm from Chile, and I'd like ask you about the episodes you've made after of 4x08, or since March 10th. What episodes you ended? How many episodes left you?

We're currently working on 409 and 410.
We will shoot through episode 413.

Source: The Fuselage

Hi Jorge,
Just a few quick questions:

1. Will we see the Smoke Monster before the end of season 4 ?
2. How long does it take to shoot an episode of Lost? a week?

Thanks for taking the time to answer.
Take Care,
Melissa -----Richmond Va

1. Definitely.
2. It takes about two. A week and a half on first unit and then a few more days on second to wrap it up.

Source: The Fuselage

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