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Episode 4.11 - More Casting Info

Thanks to my undercover man Bannerman who has uncovered some more Casting Calls for episode 4.11.

Episode 4.10 will be directed by Stephen Williams
Episode 4.11 will be directed by Paul Edwards

Caucasian, late 30s, with red hair and blue or green eyes, Frazzled, annoyed, trying to keep her daughter under control and tired of dealing with her when she seems to only make one bad decision after the other. CO-STAR.

Any ethnicity, 30s -40s. High school chemistry teacher, intelligent and understanding, he offers a bright student the chance of a lifetime but becomes resentful when the offer is refused. CO-STAR.

Any ethnicity, late 30s. A foster mother who is worn out and overwhelmed. She is charmed by an unexpected visitor she anxiously hopes might help her situation, but she turns punitive when it doesn't go well. CO-STAR.

Any ethnicity, 30s to 40s. A nurse working the late shift who unexpectedly has to help deliver a baby. Professional and compassionate, she tries to help the mother adjust to her new reality...CO-STAR.

Source: Bannerman@DarkUFO

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