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**UPDATED** 5PM PST: Added some additional scans thanks to Sawyer840. No new spoilers, but some really nice scans from this issue.

Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse provided TV Guide with several new details and what we should expect for the remainder of Season 4.

A bunch of great news and below is the rundown of the spoilers in the article.

Thanks to Lyly for the scan:

(Click to Enlarge Images)

1) We will learn "exactly" what happened to Michael between leaving the island and him getting to NYC.

2) Michael is a "pivotal" part of the end of the season and he will have an "impact" on many of the characters, including Sayid.

3) We will see how the Oceanic 6 "escaped the island" and what happens to those that don't leave.

4) The Team Locke v Team Jack debate about who is right will "amplify"

5) We will learn who is in the coffin

6) More about the freighter people

7) We will also find out who "seemingly killed" Karl and Rousseau

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