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Here is the latest from Ausiello. Nothing to shocking, but we get a little more about the "Spectacular Kiss", which will take place in the Season 4 Finale. The kiss was reported by Damon Lindelof in the most recent LOST Magazine and this time around it is Carlton Cuse saying this is one of his most "favorite moments of the whole series"...!!

I know this kiss has already been heavily debated (300+ comments and counting on this site alone), but maybe you all want to debate some more!?

The other spoiler confirms what many of you have suspected based on the promo for the upcoming episode and the previous spoilers about a house in Othersville being on fire, that Claire is indeed in danger in episode 4x09 The Shape of Things to Come.

Several of you claim that Claire will or perhaps should die soon. So is this what we should expect or is it just what Ausiello says her in "significant" danger!?

Here are the details and thanks to Lyly for the heads up.

Question: What's this I'm hearing about a major kiss in Lost's season finale? — David

Ausiello: More like a "spectacular kiss" — Damon Lindelof's words, not mine. In the new issue of Lost magazine, DL teased, "Romance is always blooming on and off the island. And I hereby promise you one of the most spectacular kisses you've ever seen on the show in this year's finale." Naturally, I pressed DL's partner in crime, Carlton Cuse, for further details on the earth-shattering smooch, to which he replied, "I can disclose no more details other than to say it's one of my favorite moments of the whole series so far. And contrary to some speculation, it is a male/female kiss." OK, so it's not Mr. Friendly and his little Rent Boy. Who does that leave? Oh, right: Pretty much every other couple on the frakkin' show! Damn you, Team Darlton!

Question: I love Lost, but is Claire ever going to get Charlie's letter and ring? — Rhiannon

Ausiello: The only thing I know for sure is that Claire is in significant danger in this season's Episode 9.

Source: TV Guide

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