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I promise you guys that this is NOT another April Fools Day post, but we do have some really interesting and good spoilers today from our good friend Ryan@HawaiiBlog about today's LOST filming!!

The LOST crew was at the Waimano Home, where once again the crew was filming more hospital scenes. Yet, this time around the LOST set was setup to look like the 1950s era!!

Ryan confirmed that the scene included a baby and a young Emily Locke!!

However, the real kicker was the appearance of a well dressed Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) on set and after speaking with Ryan about Carbonell's appearance. He really feels that Carbonell was in full wardrobe as the "ageless" Alpert and not just visiting the set....!!

If you just said....OMG!! WTF!? Well I agree!!

There was no confirmation about Alpert being a part of this scene, but I agree with Ryan about him being so well dressed just to "visit" the set. Also, apparently Terry O' Quinn (Locke) is scheduled to be on set tomorrow!!

So what does it all mean you ask!? Yup, that is right Richard Alpert is at Locke's birth!? So was Alpert traveling through time under Ben's orders or perhaps with Locke back to his birth...!? Is Locke the chosen one and Alpert and the natives of the island knew this all before the crash even happened!? Could this be more evidence to the Set-Up Theories!?

BTW, this does confirm that this episode is indeed a Locke Centric Flashback.

What do you all think!?

Here are the details from Ryan:

LOST found its way deep in the forest above Pearl City today at the old Waimano Home complex. The area is known today mostly for great ridge and valley hiking, and the drab buildings — formerly a mental institution — now house offices for the state’s public safety and health departments. As it turns out, the drab, decrepit concrete structures were exactly the look “LOST” was going for. The scene being filmed takes place in a hospital maternity ward, but the mood seemed anything but joyous.

Wardrobe seemed decidedly rooted in the 1950s, from the hospital staff to the dapperly dressed men and women scattered around the set. One of the main faces was familiar, the other was not. Nestor Carbonell (the much-missed Richard Alpert) was spotted, looking especially stylish in a suit. But the center of attention was a distraught woman in her 20s. I have no idea who the actress was, but her character’s name may ring a bell: Emily.

Emily who? Well, it would be one of the (real, not TV) nurses who would help connect the final dots, just mentioning offhand one of the babies on the set today. A baby whose adult incarnation was apparently expected to be on the scene tomorrow. And a baby whose mother we have seen before… just much, much older: Emily Locke. Yes, the very one who sold her son out, and who also spent some time in Santa Rosa.

Imagining the eerily ageless Richard Alpert off-island in the 1950s is amazing enough. But could it be that he was there for John Locke’s birth? The mind boggles.

With Paul Edwards in the director’s chair, my guess is that this is all for Episode

Source: HawaiiBlog

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