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So, who will the kiss be between?

My Money is on Claire and Aaron on the Freighter as she says goodbye to Aaron for whatever reason.

Have I mentioned in the last week how much Damon Lindelof rocks my world? No? Well, in that case: Damon Lindelof rocks my world.

You guys have been emailing for more info ever since the official Lost magazine published a quote from D.L. promising a "spectacular kiss" in this season's finale, and frankly, I was dying to know myself! So I broke down and went to the man himself, asking:

"Is there still such a kiss in the works, even with the strike-shortened season? And could you give the fans any hints about who might be doin' this spectacular kissing?"


It's still in the plan.

It's still spectacular.

It will happen between a boy and a girl.

But it doesn't happen on the island.

Your fan,

Lost - Ensemble

Hold. The. Coconut. Phone! It doesn't happen on the Island?!

Okay, so does that mean it happens in the ocean just off the Island? Or in the sky above the Island? Or in a flashback...or back in the real world between two of the Oceanic Six?! Argh! Could it be Sun saying goodbye to Jin? Claire saying goodbye to Aaron? A new coupling in the future we haven't yet seen? (Kate and Sayid? Sun and Hurley?)

As for the opposite-sex info, well, I guess that kills our Juliet-Charlotte makeout dreams. Phewey.

So tell me, who do you think does the kissin'? Make your pick in the poll below and then share your take in the comments...

Source: E!Online

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