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Thanks to Lyly for heads up.

Nice to see Kristin recycling our casting spoilers from yesterday with out credit :)

Renny in Miami: What's up with the big war coming on Lost?
It goes down in the first episode back (April 24) and Jack looks a little, er, messy by episode 10. Also, in the first ep back, there's a dead body.

Judah in Portland, Ore.: Any interesting casting info on Lost?
There are two Australians in the finale. "Donna" is pretty, blond and in her 40s...She has "had to deal with many setbacks in her life but is strong and has persevered. Now [she] has to deliver painful and emotional news." Could this "Donna" be another relative of Claire's, like Aunt Lindsey? The other Aussie is called "Millbanks," and he is described as "30s to 50s, Australian, rugged, smart, works outdoors with his hands. The kind of guy you'd want with you to get out of a tough situation." Does that description remind anyone else of Ray Mullen, the farmer Kate lived with before she was captured in Australia? Or could Donna and Millbanks even be a couple? The finale also features "Karen Decker," who is described as "pretty, pleasant and sharp as a whip. She is a leader and quick-witted. Can manage difficult personalities with ease. Can hold sway three people in a room or a hundred in an audience." Another persuader, then—like Ben?

Magali in Columbus, Ohio: I was just wondering if you have any spoilers about this purported "spectacular kiss" on Lost. Just one little hint please?
Check back tomorrow for a whole item devoted to that kiss. And there will be more than one hint!

Source: E!Online

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