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Thanks to The ODI for the heads up and his summary of the Video and Article.

Episode 4.09 - The Shape of Things to Come
From Video
1) Expect gunfire
2) Jumps around in time and "space", visit some "unprecedented" places and situations with challenges
3) Starts in Tunisia
4) Sawyer confirms smokey appearance.
5) Find out who shot and killed Karl and Rousseau (IF they are dead)

From Article
6) Dharka - Ben wears a Parka with a Dharma Logo while filming a FF scene in the Middle East
7) Double-Crossing Telescopic Two-for-One Ass Whooping!

Season Finale and Beyond
8) Finale is being written basically as pilot for season 5
9) Pace os Season 5 will be a key and challenge for them so we do not feel it is dragging on the way to season 6
10)Doc Jensen mentions he was in London and confirms that the "secret" London filming did involve Widmore and Ben and that Emerson was not the only island based LOST actor there ( I am assuming he means Yunjin Kim).
Summary by: The ODI

In which we preview tonight's episode of Lost — the first of five installments to air over the next six weeks — with a cryptic bit or two from executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.

This week, something special as we celebrate the return of Lost from its strike-induced spring break: We're going audiovisual with a video tease. Check out this clip, in which ''Darlton'' preview tonight's episode, ''The Shape of Things to Come,'' with a little help from friends Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway, and Jorge Garcia. (By the way, don't let the fact that I interviewed the producers on April Fool's Day scare you. Everything they say is legit. I think.)

To their tease, I would add this: ''The Shape of Things to Come'' also happens to be the title of a famed H.G. Wells book, which also spawned a movie written by the author called, more simply, Things to Come. When I asked the producers what the episode and Wells' work have in common, they said it basically boils down to one word:


I leave it to you to investigate further for now. Tune in tomorrow for my recap, in which I'll offer my highly theoretical and mildly incoherent two cents.

Source: Full Article at EW

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