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Once again Dark, was on top of his game providing us all with another spoiler first. Here is more about Doc Ray and the time element on the island.

As we posted earlier today, during this week's ODI Podcast, one of the spoilers DarkUFO revealed, is that Doc Ray's body washing ashore on the Losties beach was connected to the "time implications" on the island.

Well, TV Guide's Matt Mitovich also mentions the same thing today during his "MegaMinute Video" saying the mystery is not "WHO, but WHEN" and then says "speaking of time warps" LOST will air at 10PM.

So it seems that some of the theories that we will see Doc Ray alive and dead at the same time might be true...

You can view the video here: TV Guide
NOTE: The video is a little choppy, we will try to post one here soon.

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