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Grim Reaper striking again?

Thanks to uzair for finding this.

This whole season has been focused on the Oceanic Six who got off the island and the growing rivalry between Charles Widmore and Ben. In the two-hour season finale on May 29th, we will find out just how the Oceanic Six (Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley and baby Aaron) escaped, the circumstances of why the others were left behind, and why they had to keep what happened to them a secret when they returned to the real world. The flash forwards have added a whole new element to the show this season (Jack and Kate engaged? Hurley is back in the loony bin! Is Claire dead? And if not, why would she let Aaron leave the island without her?) We'll also find out who was in the coffin on last season's finale (speculation has centered on either Michael or Ben) and don't be surprised if the Grim Reaper strikes again, targeting one of our favorite castaways...

Source: TV@Yahoo

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