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As mentioned yesterday here is the the post by Lostfan108 for tonights episode. Please read the following notes before playing.

1) Only discuss the contents of the this post in THIS THREAD. Anyone posting details from here in any other thread will get a LIFETIME BAN on the whole site.
2) As with all major spoilers if you take them to another site please post responsibly.
3) This is just a HIGH-LEVEL Synopsis and not a detailed blow by blow account like Insiderscoop or Post-Produxtion.
4) Although this is the real Lostfan108 there is no 100% guarantee that this is real. He may have been got to :) although I'm 99.9% sure this is totally legit.
5) Any Typo's, grammar etc etc are all his. This is taken direct from his email.
5) A lot of the info here is already known due to the large number of sneak peeks and spoilers for this episode.
6) Synopsis for the finale parts 2 and 3 will be posted sometime over the weekend when I get time as I'm out a lot.

And as ever..... "Are you Sure?"

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