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Hey Spoiler Fans,
Soooo this is what you all have been waiting for. Our good friend DarkUFO has finally posted his his Season Finale MAJOR Spoiler synopsis. Now as promised for those that did not want to be spoiled by the synopsis, but wanted to know some minor details.

We have recorded a special finale spoilers podcast just for all of you out there that want to know just the minor details.

The podcast is available now on iTunes and you can subscribe directly on iTunes.

Yesterday, we posted the first part of the podcast which is spoiler-free and a recap of the first part of the finale. So if you want to listen to that part of the podcast first you can find it here:

ODI LOSTcast 14 Part 1 - Finale Part 1 Recap

Also, at the link below I have posted a little summary of what learn about by listening to the podcast.

NOTE: "Minor" is based on OUR opinion of what is considered minor. If you do NOT want to be spoiled do NOT listen to the podcast, this is your last warning. Also, as Dark has posted this information is 99.999% accurate, but there is always chance something could be changed.

Along with the spoilers we provide you with our analysis and feeling of the scenes.

NOTE: At 9 Minute mark we analyze the MAJOR Spoilers and synopsis.


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