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As promised LOST Spoilers Season officially opened this week!!

The latest comes from our good friend SecretAgentMan (SAM) who has provided us with some new casting information for Season 5 of LOST.

Two new characters will appear in the second and third episodes of the season, but both characters are British. Now the first thing that pops into mind are connections to possibly to the Desmond/Penny/Widmore storyline. Of course not necessarily, but I do hope we get more of that story.

What do you think!?

Thanks to LOST Perdidos for the heads up.

Appearing in #502 and #503 will be 'Nigel' and 'Sophie' (names likely will change). Nigel is British, in his late teens. Smart and mature for his age, if a little rough around the edges. Sophie is a British aristocrat in her late teens and appears quite innocent and a little prim, but underneath she is formidable.

Source: SAM

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