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Well looky here, everyone is getting into the LOST Spoilers Season spirit. First SAM and now Ausiello from EW is reporting that the LOST producers are looking for someone to play Dan a new villain for season 5.

According to the report, the name Dan has a biblical connection, but Ausiello is speculating that this person will be one of Widmore's men.

Do you think this is connected to the casting news we just posted from SAM for Episodes 5x02 and 5x03??

Thanks to Britt for the heads up.

Lost is on the prowl for an actor to play Dan, a high-priced attorney who can be friendly, but has a "real menace lurking below the surface." Paging Doc Jensen.... Of course, Dan is yet another Biblical name -- Dan being another one of Jacob's sons. (Also see: Benjamin.) According to Wikipedia, he was the one who hated Joseph so much he conspired to have him thrown into a pit, then smeared blood on Joseph's robes to convince Father Jacob that wild animals killed him.

My hunch is that Dan is a minion in the employ of Charles Widmore, someone who executes a lot of his dirty work -- like, say, working with Libby to further manipulate Desmond into that yacht race. Remember when Sun and Widmore seemed to strike some kind of ominous alliance in the season finale? "Dan" will serve as Widmore's liaison with Sun." Thanks, Doc! You took the words right out of my mouth!

Source: EW

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