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Update: 11:00 GMT Thanks to Alex for the following.

Read into it what you will, but Alan Dale has joined the cast of the ITV show Moving Wallpaper. The series is set to be broadcast "in early 2009," which suggests about the same time as Lost, meaning their filming schedules will be similar.

Just a hunch, but reports of UK filming at Heathrow are likely true as Dale would once again need to be in the UK to film his other projects, so therefore would probably have to film any Widmore scenes in the UK.

Source: BBC

Looks like some more UK love for Season 5!! Is this more evidence of a Widmore storyline??

Thanks to our friend Ryan for this new report:

It was a long day on the job for the “LOST” crew… and for a bunch of lucky extras. One of them was disappointed to miss a party tonight, but only a little disappointed. So I gather from a cryptic e-mail forwarded this afternoon. Instead of a potluck dish, he had to scrounge up a “rollerbag,” because he had to catch a flight on Oceanic Airlines.

I wasn’t able to check out the Hawaii Convention Center, which has ably stood in for an airport many times before, but this time there’s a twist. The subject line? “Heathrow.”

Source: Hawaii Blog

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