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Update: 15:30 After chatting with some people it looks like this article is really discussing Season 4 and NOT season 5. Sorry to all those Mira fans, it looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to find out more of her story

Update: 15:00 Thanks to Jake and Josh, it now appears there is some confusion in the article/translation in that it's unclear if they are referring to Season 4 or 5 of Lost as Lost is about to start showing Season 4 in Croatia. We'll try to find out more and keep you updated.

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Lenka for the following which seems to suggest that we'll be seeing more of Mira (aka Danielle) in Season 5 in what we can only assume are some flashbacks, hopefully involving her arrival on the Island along with her killing her team.

I am living in Croatia, and constantly reading darkufo web page. So I don't know if it is interesting, at one of the web portals in Croatia announced today that Mira Furlan is back at Lost, season 5.

It basically says that producers gave her wider permanent part, very important role in story of the new season, and it has everything to do with the background ( history) of island.

In the article called her Yugoslavian "Meryl Streep"

This is the link of the web portal, it is called www.index.hr, and here is the article:

Source: Index HR

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