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Thanks to Surly for the following. Should we worry about this comment from Terry over at the Fuselage or was it just a throw away line? I for one would hope that Locke stays as a major character till at least towards the end of Season 6.

Question 1: Did you ever fear that either the show wouldn't do well or that your character wouldn't last in the series?
Question 2: Which do you prefer more, performing on stage or on film, and why?

Hi Rachel,
I never expect anything to do well, regardless of its quality. No one can predict what will catch on and what will not. I hoped it'd do well, but had no expectations..........the same applies to my involvement; in fact, there's some question as to whether I'll go the rest of the way
I prefer theater for the kick...............film and t.v. for the money. Theater's definitely more fun.

See you around.


Source: Terry O'Quinn@The Fuselage

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