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Update: 08:50 Ryan has posted a few photos of the filming now.

You can see the rest of the photos here.

Here is the latest set report from Ryan!! It is a continuation of the off-island Losties, but today's filming had Jack, Sayid and Ben filming scenes together!!

Here you go:

"LOST" rolled up to Hawaii Medical Center West, a.k.a. St. Francis, in Kalihi (just up the street from Hoffs Drawler and Simon's Butcher Shop) today. Parked in front, Jack's Ford Bronco, a blue cargo van with Canton-Rainier Carpet Cleaning emblazoned on the side, and a Los Angeles Paramedics ambulance. Matthew Fox, Naveen Andrews, and Michael Emerson are on the scene. Jack is on the phone as action is called. Someone, something is somewhere else, and they need to get there "right now." Jack jumps into his truck, but Sayid and Ben hang back a moment to have an intense conversation. (To adjust for a dip in the grass, Naveen Andrews stands on some sandbags to meet Michael Emerson eye to eye.) Eventually, Sayid takes the wheel of the blue van, and Ben climbs into the passenger seat. They drive off.

Source: Hawaii Blog

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