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Once again our good friend Ryan in Hawaii has posted a new set report and it seems like a continuation of the recent filming yesterday.

Today's report confirms that Ben along with the Oceanic 6 (minus Hurley) are all meeting at the Long Beach Harbor Club. Long Beach is one of the largest ports here in Los Angeles and it seems like maybe the O6 might be making plans to head back to the island!?

Spotted once again are the vehicles of the Losties including the blue carpet cleaning van with the Cantor-Rainier logo (anagram).

Ryan was guessing that the filming was still for Episode 5x04 but the key might be that Hurley was NOT a part of the whole filming.

So what do you all think is happening!? Are the Losties trying to head back to the island!? Where is Hurley!? Still in jail and would they leave him behind!?

Here is the set report and pics:

The Waikiki Yacht Club was transformed into the “Long Beach Harbor Club” for evening shoots last night and tonight. Cranes and production trucks were parked nearby, as well as three notable vehicles: the blue Canton-Rainier Carpet Cleaning van, Kate’s silver Volvo, and a silver Jaguar S-Class. My friend Doug, who knows cars better than I do, says it looks like the 2008 model.

A yacht club member who was fortunately an avid fan said last night’s shoot involved Evangeline Lilly, Yunjin Kim, and a young boy playing Aaron. She said she was back tonight because the roster would be even larger. In addition to Kate and Sun, Sayid (Naveen Andrews), Ben (Michael Emerson) and Jack (Matthew Fox) were due on set.

Source: Hawaii Blog

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