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Thanks to Ryan for these 2 filming reports which should be for Episode 5.13

Eagle-eyed “LOST” spotter Ed Morita sends a brief report today, after finding the crew setting up on Lipoa St. behind the Pearl Kai Shopping Center in Pearlridge. They were settling in for a long stay, with notices spanning through Friday evening. Apart from watching the crew receive official “LOST” Season 5 T-shirts, he caught them carefully enclosing a blue van in thick canvas to simulate a night shot. I’m pretty sure this is the Canton-Rainier carpet van our friends Ben, Jack, Sayid and Locke have been driving around in.

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Source: Hawaii Blog

Yesterday’s photoset from Mike, depicting an unfamiliar beach camp set built near Camp Erdman on the North Shore, prompted many fans to scour them for clues. Today, Jennie from Denver passes along her own photos from the same spot, one of which reveals a tantalizing link.

The last image in the set affords a good look at a couple of key props. First is an orange life preserver, like those used on boats, suggesting we’re looking at the aftermath of a shipwreck, not a plane crash. The second is a case or box bearing the word “BESIXDOUZE.”

A quick Google by commenter Andrea reveals a Wikipedia entry:

46610 Besixdouze (1993 TQ1) is an asteroid belonging to the asteroid belt. It was discovered by Kin Endate and Kazuo Watanabe on October 15, 1993. The name of the asteroid is a reference to The Little Prince, who lived on an asteroid named B612. The name Bésixdouze is the concatenation of B, six and douze, French for “B six twelve”. Also, 46610 is the decimal equivalent of the hexadecimal number B612.

Spoilerhounds will recognize “The Little Prince” immediately as the title of the upcoming fourth episode of Season 5. And the fact that it’s a French name makes it impossible to not link the name to Danielle Rousseau’s character. Doc Arzt has confirmed that “Besixdouze” as the name of Rosseau’s boat. But it doesn’t mean that Mira Furlan will neccessarily appear. Listeners of “The Transmission” know only of the pending debut of a “young Danielle Rousseau.”

More Photos

Source: Hawaii Blog

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