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Hey All,
As many of you know by now, earlier this week Karen and I had an opportunity to chat with LOST Star and fan favorite Jorge Garcia (Hurley). Garcia took time from is busy filming schedule and was absolutely great and very candid. He talked to us about himself, his hobbies, his blog (Dispatches from the Island) and of course LOST.

The LOST talk covered everything from some funny/favorite moments of his character to talking about the second hour of the Season 5 premiere Episode 5x02 The Lie. We of course asked him several of the questions that you all sent in. He loved them and answered several of them, including providing us with his thoughts about time travel, the Hurley Bird, whether he thinks Hurley is "Special", Libby and much much more!!

Towards the end of the interview, I asked him about his thoughts about fansites like DarkUFO posting spoilers and we had a nice chat about that as well.

There are some minor spoilers spread through the interview and he did clarify a previous spoiler about the Smoke Monster and getting more information about it this season.

NOTE: The interview has been uploaded to iTunes, but if you can not listen via iTunes, you can use the link below to find the audio player and download link.



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