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Here are the latest tidbits from Kristin at E! Online

Kelly in Des Moines, Iowa: No more love stuff. I want to know what's going to happen with all the mythology/monster stuff on Lost.

Mrs. Hawking and Daniel Faraday are both coming back for "The Variable" on April 29 (which just so happens to be the series' 100th ep). Also present are Penny and Charles Widmore and Charlie Hume (not to be confused with Charlie Pace). As for the variable itself, it will almost certainly tie back to the equations and notations from the blast-door map we saw in season two, which included such bon mots as "Geological composition likely to cause magnetic disturbances/interference with weather project," "Primary nexus of Cerberus-related activity" and the infamous Valenzetti equation. Come on, who else wants a monster-centric ep? Remember, the only rule about flashbacks is that there are no rules. Before the end of the season, Smokey is totally gonna get himself some backstory!

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