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Thanks to my good friends over at DutchLost for sending this to us. Here are the spoilerly portions of the interview. You can see the full interview at the source link.

What has been your favorite scene of the series to date which included you?
Hmm... I shot one that hasn't aired yet that I like very much. I can't say right now though.

The information we have on Episode 13 so far implies that Hurley and Miles are going to have a lot of screen time. Would you consider this episode to be a Hurley centric, a Miles centric, or is the focus pretty much equally balanced?
Well it's not hurley centric.

Does Hurley get some kick-ass lines/scenes in episode 13?

Did you film scenes for upcoming episodes with people Hurley has never interacted with before? (Richard, Faraday etc.)

Source: Full Article @ DutchLost

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