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Update: 10:00 Thanks to The ODI who has scooped the first photo of pregnant Claire!

NOTE: Evangeline Lilly was in the driver seat of the cab again.

Hey All,
The LOST cast and crew have been busy once again at Honolulu Intl Airport. If you have kept up to speed on the previous spoilers then you know this is the LAX (Los Angeles Intl airport) set.

Thanks to several LOST fans and Roxy for the following tidbits of the ongoing filming.

Of course since filming is still occurring please keep checking back for updates, but this is what we know so far:

1) Apparently a taxi cab that appears to have been in an accident was spotted on set along with LAPD police cars and several officers as well. This was all spotted just outside the airport. Maybe all of the police is there to find Kate?

2) The scenes being filmed inside were at the Intl Arrivals where Jack is in a suit, a very pregnant Claire, Kate and Dr. Arzt were all spotted leaving the airport.

3) Kate and Claire share a cab and there is indeed a driver. So how we connect this tobthe previous filming of Kate driving the cab perhaps they shake the driver or the cab with a dent is connected??

We hope to have some more details later and maybe if we are lucky some pics!

Source: The ODI

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