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UPDATE: Thanks to Ryan from Hawaii for the update that it seems like Kate was the driver of the cab and this new set pic.

UPDATE: Thanks to TV Overmind for the following details that "Jenny" is actually actress Jenni Blong from True Blood. I have added an image of her below.

Hey All,
The LOST crew and cast were at it again this week and the scene being filmed seems to be a continuation of the Kate Taxi Cab Scene from the airport.

We had reports of Emilie De Ravin on the Airport set and well it seems like her character Claire has decided to share a cab with Kate.

The big questions are of course WHY and do they remember or know each other!?

Thanks to our friend Ryan in Hawaii who posted a new set report from a fan named Carrie who was able to watch filming with both Kate and Claire reaching the home of what seems like the future parents of Aaron in LA!!

There are some key spoilers here so do NOT read unless you want to know:

The woman (who was called Jenny on set) answers the door and this is what Carrie witnessed:

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” she says. “I really wanted this. But my husband… I just can’t have the baby right now.”

There’s anguish. And awkwardness. They’re not invited inside. But after a few more words are exchanged, it’s Claire’s turn to cry out. She cringes, and bends over, apparently and suddenly going into labor.

“Call a doctor!” Kate urges.

Full Report Here: Hawaii Blog
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