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Our good friend Ryan has posted a new blog with two new filming updates about the filming that took place this week.

I am assuming the crew is currently working on episode 6x06 so expect these moments to take place around that time.

Now usually it is what is happening in the scenes that is important but this time it is WHO was spotted!

Here are some details:

1) Early in the week a scene in a Church Kitchen Sayid (Naveen Andrews) was spotted. Perhaps an Alt-Time Sayid during this off-island scene? Also spotted was a new character Lennon, but more importantly the return of Omar and Keamy!!

2) Today's filming including a scene at a high school with Ben (Michael Emerson), Tania Raymonde returning as Alex and Dr. Leslie Arzt (perhaps as a teacher)!!

Additionally a new character played by the recently cast William Atherton was on set!

View the full report at Hawaii Blog

Happy Dharmaween!!

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