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Thanks to Marisa for the heads up on this new report from Ryan from Hawaii.

In years past, the “LOST” filming schedule would stretch to six days a week only occasionally, and usually as days run out toward the winter break or the season finale. But things for this final season seems to be especially intense, as we’ve already seen a few Saturday shoots even though we’re only a few weeks into production. And yesterday, two separate units were working on opposite sides of town.

The first shoot was in downtown Honolulu. “LOST” fan and HPU student “Alevermor” caught the set dressing crew at work off Alakea St., in the largely vacated back offices of Hawaiian Telcom, on Friday. A friendly crewmember told her that the Saturday morning shoot would be behind closed doors, but that Terry O’Quinn (Locke) was the scene’s central star.

So, the good news for Locke fans is that, in a sense, “old Locke” will return for Season 6. The bad news is that his life, once again, is not a particularly joyous one.

The second shoot was larger and more tantalizing, staged miles away at Waipahu High School. A large group of young extras were assembled (many accompanied by their fortunately talkative parents) to play high school students and a girls basketball team. There was much glee (including one fan who was giving a play-by-play over a cell phone to relatives in Pennsylvania) when the day’s key actors emerged from their respective trailers: Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson (Ben).

Terry O’Quinn was dressed smartly, in slacks and a dark purple plaid collared shirt. And Emerson was looking similarly snappy, wearing khaki pants and a dark sweater vest over a long-sleeved light blue dress shirt. He was also sporting fairly bookish glasses and a modest head of hair.

Full Report and Photos here.

Source: Ryan@Hawaii Blog

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