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Hangman - The Revenge!

Update: 7th October This has been solved.
Update: 5th October My source says that the puzzle has essentially been solved, but won't
reveal the solution until Wednesday. Now debate as to who has the correct answer. Source is offering the first person who solves puzzle correctly the chance to ask three different "yes or no" questions about anything mentioned in the hangman - and one will be answered.

Update: 5th October My contact is SO impressed with all your hard work and the fact that you are getting very close his is rewarding you with another letter today. "L"

My source is impressed and says that once Lost ends, you must all find new hobbies - maybe curing cancer, cracking Linear A, or putting a person on Mars.!

He would also like you to debate the person who is referenced with the line "responsible for".

Update: 5th October New letter "Y" revealed. This is a bonus letter for today as I'm away tomorrow and won't be able to post tomorrows letter.
Update: 5th October A few more totals clues. There are 29 "N"'s, 23 "T"'s and 9 "P"'s
Update: 5th October New letter "X" revealed.
Update: 4th October New letter "A" revealed.
Update: 3rd Oct No new letter today, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that, but a couple of bits of information that will be helpful later.

The letter B appears 5 Times, the letter F 11 times, X once and G 7 times

Update: 19:30 Here is the next letter. "J"
Update: 16:50 Just a very small update. There are no "Z"'s or "Q"'s
Update: 16:00 First letter has been revealed. "W"
Seeing at how impressed my contact was with your ability to get the first hangman with only a couple of letters, he's sending through another one today which you can see below. He assures me that this will be quite tricky. To start with you get no letters and I'm sure he'll give us a letter later today.

1) I have no idea what this spoiler is or how big/small it is.
2) My source will send through a new letter at regular intervals probably daily.

So guess away.

W-A- Y-- -A- -X---- ---- --- ------ ------- -- --- --A--- A-- A -------
--LA-- -----AL --- A- -L- ------ ---------- --- -----AL- JL, A -----AL
--A-- ---------- -----Y A-- --- -A- ---------L- --- --A----- JA--, A ----L-
--A---- -- --- ---L-, A ---- A----Y, A -A--L-A- ----LA- -- ------A- ------Y
, A-- -LA-A- ------A--- -- --- --LA-- ---ALLY ----AL--. --, A-- --. L----
--LL- ---- L---. --- -------- --W.

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